I haven’t used this account in forever BUT

I couldn’t help but do some self promotion. I’m not currently working on any commission pieces and would really like to be doing some. 

If anyone is interested in some art work from me don’t hesitate to email me at or private message me on my illustration page

Girl needs to make some mullar.



I was going to start colouring this tonight but I ended up having a hissy fit for about an hour because I couldn’t find my drawing inks. Found them and now too tired too continue. I want to hopefully make this into a mixed media piece. Maybe bring some sewing into it. #art #illustration #artist #drawing #drawingink #continuous #continuousline #heart #humanheart #anatomy #sewing #mixedmedia
© Sian Alice 2014


I have gotten a lot of good feedback for this print I did for a commission piece which is awesome. I super appreciate any form of feedback I get for any work that I produce.
I did the work for an old friend of mine who is now working on his own music, if you’d like to check him out his Tumblr page is 
Thank you again man for asking me to do this.
If anyone wants a commission piece done feel free to message me. 

My latest commission piece I did for a friend. I’d like to do more pieces like this. Email me at or send me a private message on my illustration tumblr 


#art #illustration #commission

Check out my illustration page. I’m have time for commissions. Girl needs to make some money. 




ohhh wow….*facepalm*